bedfellows, Issue 9 (Summer 2019): Opposite Of

Chronotope, Issue 1 (Winter 2019): The Woman at the Laundromat Says I Need Two More Hands

Nice Cage, Issue 007 (Fall 2018): SALVO: POST-MEN; It Took You Four Days to Make the Soup; Mercy

NightBlock, Edition Ten (July 2018): He’s Talking Right At You; Rehearsal Loop; Cigarette Girl Sonnet

Cotton Xenomorph (February 2018): I Owe You A Phone Call

Whiskey Island, Issue 69 (Fall 2017): Not Joy

Salt Hill, Issue 39 (Fall 2017): But It’s Not That Funny If You Think About It

Anti-Heroin Chic (September 2017): A Grasp; In the Hospital, Time is a Stillness; Another Elegy; Some Might Call This Progress

Crab Creek Review, Vol. 1 (Spring 2017): Until I Am Warm Too

Mantis, Issue 15 (Spring 2017): No Heather, It’s Heather’s Turn

Wild Violet (Winter 2017): Zayn Leaves One Direction, Teen Girl Twitter Universe Mourns

Parcel (Winter 2017): Forecast

Bop Dead City, Issue 18 (Winter 2017): Daring In A Thin Voice (interview here)

Front Porch Journal, Issue 35 (Winter 2017): I Am Alive, Skidding

Sugared Water, Issue 005 (Winter 2016): On The Twilight Zone & On Joan of Arc-Themed Restaurants

Stirring, Vol. 18, Edition 12 (Winter 2016): The Sight Was A Potion, I Drained It (runner-up for the 2016 Academy of American Poets Prize)

F(r)iction Online (Fall 2016): Reprise & Like Two Beautiful Dumb Swans

Marked By Scorn Anthology, Solarwyrm Press (Summer 2016): Penelope

Spilled Milk, Issue 3 (Spring 2016): October & Pretty Baby Morphthing

VAYAVYA, Issue 15 (Spring 2016): Oh, Isn’t This Lovely?

Cloud Rodeo, Issue 9 (Spring 2016): Another Dead Girl Manifesto & Warning

Yemassee, Issue 23.1 (Spring 2016): Lolita On OK Cupid (interview here)

Rivet, Issue 6 (December 2015): They Keep Finding Bodies Behind My Grandparents’ House (based on Sara Morrison’s Boston Globe article)

decomP (December 2015): [in another version]


Blue Monday Review, Issue 2.3 (Fall 2015): Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

The Frank Martin Review (August 2015): Aubade #2

Madcap Review, Issue 3 (July 2015): I Love You, Rod Serling

Star 82 Review, Issue 3.2 (June 2015): Child’s Pose

The Feminist Wire (May 2015): South, Tuesday Night & Noon in Bed

Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal (May 2015): The Girl Who Lives On My Back Steps & 1993

baldhip, Issue 4 (April 2015): Taylor Swift Doesn’t Need a Role Model Because She’s Already on Top of the World

three drops from a cauldron (March 2015): Joan of Arc is Having a Bad Hair Day  (also selected for the Summer 2015 Anthology and nominated for a 2015 Best of the Net award)

Bluestockings Magazine (March 2015): I Really Don’t Care if Joan of Arc Had an Eating Disorder, Louise & Yet Here’s a Spot (also selected for Bluestockings Selections 2015)

The New Old Stock (Fall 2014): At Sunset

CutBank All Accounts and Mixture (Summer 2014): Return, Tuesday Night, & Babel