My main news in the past several months is that my micro-chapbook FOUNDER was released by Ghost City Press as part of their 2018 Summer Micro-Chap Series. (You can download it for free or make a donation, if you want!)

Also, NightBlock recently published three of my poems and a few months back Cotton Xenomorph scooped up a poem of mine too, if you want to check ’em out.

More soon!

Recent news

Hi all!

So I had a couple of poems come out in journals that I’ve admired for a long time – the first is “But It’s Not That Easy If You Think About It” from Salt Hill #39. The second is “Not Joy” from Whiskey Island #69. I’m so happy to have work included in both of these (and how cool is the cover art?)

I also had the opportunity earlier this month to perform with my very close friend, roommate, and local dancer/teacher Bridget Cronin (check out her amazing performances and choreography here!) I read the four poems that were recently featured on Anti-Heroin Chic while Bridget danced simultaneously. It was a really cool experience and unlike anything I’ve ever done with my work before.

More updates coming soon! Go read some poems.


Hey all,

The wonderful Anti-Heroin Chic editor James Diaz reached out to me a little while ago and published 4 of my poems earlier this week – “A Grasp,” “In the Hospital, Time is a Stillness”, “Another Elegy”, and “Some Might Call This Progress.” Check them out here!