Selected Misc. Publications

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Book Reviews:

CutBank (April 2017): Free Boat: Collected Lies And Love Poems, John Reed (C&R Press)

CutBank (October 2016): Tall As You Are Between Them, Annie Christain (C&R Press)

CutBank (February 2016): Hood, Emma Donoghue

CutBank (October 2015): Pelvis with Distance, Jessica Jacobs (White Pine Press)


Revelist (December 2016): Featured in Emily Shugerman’s What Taking Antidepressants Looks Like, in 7 Photos

Missoula Valley Lifestyle (April 2016): Bio-Gypsy

Missoula Valley Lifestyle (September 2015): Book Festival Celebrates Montana’s Rich Literary Scene

College Magazine (June 2011): Business Belle: Cintra McGauley

Examiner (June 2011): Poetry-in-Schools Summer Reading